Join the PAI Study Program at UAA to achieve an Islamic education that is able to compete globally, and contribute to the development of the welfare of the nation and world civilization based on Indonesian values and nationalism. (Head of Study Program at UAA Islamic Religious Education, Ahmad Salim, S.Ag., M.Pd.)

About the Study Program

The PAI study program, in particular, aims to produce scholars who are experts in the field of Islamic education and teaching and have mastered both the material and methodology. This study program prepares professional undergraduate Islamic teachers to teach at the level of equivalent Madrasah Aliyah.


Learning in the PAI Study Program at UAA is supported by lecturers & instructors from academics and practitioners who are experts in their fields, reliable in sharing knowledge, and able to create active and enjoyable learning.

Graduate Profiles

The profile of Alma Ata Islamic Education Study Program graduates include Professional Islamic Education Practitioners, Leaders, Beginner Researchers, Educational Consultants, Educational Supervisors.

Vision and Mission

Our vision and mission is a planned concept which is accompanied by actions in accordance to the plan to achieve one goal.


Amenities include all necessities for accessible and supportive learning activities.

Job Opportunities

Islamic Education graduates can get jobs according to their skills and talents in the field.

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Student Facilities

  1. Bidikmisi
  2. Beasiswa Prestasi Kementerian Agama RI
  3. Beasiswa Tahfidz Kementerian Agama RI
  4. Dikpora DIY
  5. Utama (Unggul Tak Mampu)
  6. Beasiswa Khusus

Student Facilities

Counseling is a service activity for students that is carried out as an effort to help students solve problems, both academic and non-academic, and facilitate students in achieving learning objectives through guidance and counseling.

Student Facilities

Students can channel their interests and talents in various Alma Ata Student Activity Units, such as:

  1. Martial Arts
  2. Drum band
  3. Band Group
  4. Futsal
  5. English Club
  6. PIKM
  7. Scientific Club

Student Facilities

The Accident & Health Insurance Program is provided for all Alma Ata students as a means of protection against the risk of illness, accidents and death, as well as health care programs provided by Alma Ata Medical Center.

Increased discipline is practiced in a variety of academic and non-academic activities, which requires students to be on time and have integrity in the academic process, especially in making assignments and examinations. It is hoped that this method will build honesty, responsibility, communication skills and student discipline.


PAI Alma Ata Updates


  • Belajar di Prodi PAI-UAA memberikan saya pengalaman belajar dengan beragam metode pembelajaran masa kini, serta didukung oleh tenaga pengajar yang kompeten. Dengan berbekal ilmu pendidikan Islam yang saya dapatkan, Alhamdulillah kini saya dapat merasakan bahwa UAA sangat berperan sebagai jembatan untuk menuju dunia profesional. Terima kasih Alma Ata.

    Ulva Muthmainnah Rasyid, S.Pd

    Alumni PAI, 2017

    CPNS Kemendikbud 2018

  • Menyenangkan kuliah di Prodi Pendidikan Agama Islam Universitas Alma Ata, karena dosennya welcome dan komunikatif

    Muhammad Wafa, S.Pd.I.

    Alumni PAI, 2010

    Staff Jurnal Literasi FAI UAA

Student Fees for the PAI Study Program at UAA

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